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  You’ve bumped into a pole; there’s a little damage but nothing too bad. Should you even call your insurance company?   That is a question faced by countless drivers every day and the answer is not always so straightforward. READ MORE >>

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How to Drive in Winter Weather   Blowing snow. Low visibility. Icy conditions. Winter calls on drivers to use skills that just aren’t needed throughout the rest of the year. So, brush up on yours with these tactics and tips. Because, even if you're an expert winter driver, plenty of other people out there are not. READ MORE >>

Independent insurance agents are able to connect you with the insurance offerings of many companies, thereby getting you the best deal and the best coverage possible. An independent agent will be able to take care of all of your insurance needs, from home insurance to automobile insurance. 1. READ MORE >>

The time you spend in fall to prepare your home for the winter season can save you money in heating bills and costly repairs. Seasonal household preparations involve so much more than the outdoor work that people typically associate with autumn. There are equally important preparations to take care of inside the house. READ MORE >>

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